Marine electrical installations, service and repair at Sea.

ESTELMARINE Engineering & Consulting O‹

Silja Line is one of our customers.

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ESTELMARINE Engineering & Consulting O‹ was founded in 2004. The emoloyees of company have a long experience in marine electrical field. Some of them have been more than 10 years as chief electricians on passenger ferries.† We have taken part in upgrades, rebuildings with new cabling and equipment installation. Long experience with repair of automatic, signalling, fire alarm systems. Many of us have been working as contractors on board ships of different companies: Silja Line, Viking Line, Royal Carribean Cruise Line, Star Cruises, Arctic Umiaq Line, Crystal Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line.


ESTELMARINE Engineering & Consulting O‹ is recognized by Estonian Maritime Administration and has approval to do electrical works on board ships. One of our engineers has passed education and represents Consilium Marine AB. Our company has team of qualified electricians.


We offer to our customers full service. From consulting, planning, up to final installation and approval from classification society. Long experience in electrical engineering gives us advantage in fault tracing of electrical equipment on board different ships.

Silja Line

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